Delivering Expert Insight

Mosaic makes learning from subject matter experts easy,

saving valuable time and resources.

Mosaic brings together researchers with experienced professionals who’ve built expertise within their field. Corporations, investors, consultants, industry researchers, and non-profits use Mosaic at key moments to access targeted, relevant insight.

The Platform For Expert Insight

Cost Due Diligence

Private Equity and Public Securities Investing, Consulting Projects

Cost Market Research

Customer Feedback, Product Fit, Market Intelligence, Geographic Expansion

Cost Vendor Selection

RFP Evaluation, Software Integrations, Freelancer Review

Cost Legal Issues

Regulatory Impact, Compliance Strategy, Litigation Consulting

Why Choose Mosaic

Mosaic delivers knowledge that is actionable, reliable, and insightful.


Relevant expertise from operators with deep experience in their field.


Access to experts for your specific needs - not limited to the Mosaic network.


Timely information to make key decisions.


Transparent, cost-efficient pricing.

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